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Figure 1 - Bud Bubbler
Figure 1 - Bud Bubbler

Figure 2 - Removable Basin
Figure 2 - Removable Basin

BUD BUBBLER Hash Extractor (Without BAGS)

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Just add ICE, WATER, and TRIMMINGS! The Bud Bubbler trichome separation machine is an automated, hands-free solution to removing the resin trichomes from your plant vegetation. The Bud Bubbler is one of the first Plug-and-Play machines where you truly SET IT, FORGET IT, and it does all of the work for you.Forget hand and drill mixing! The Bud Bubbler's powerful electric motor agitates your plant trimmings at a very firm, controlled spin rate. the REVERSE ROTATION of the agitation prop ensures an extremely thorough mixing job - making sure all of the trichomes get shaken loose to produce only the finest herbal extracts.The Bud Bubbler can rest on a countertop and holds 12L of liquids (approximately 350 grams of plant vegetation) and is most suitable for our ALL-MESH 3 Bag / 5 Gallon Bubble Bag Extraction Filter Kit (INCLUDED! $55 Value). The included Bubble Bag Kit contains 220 micron, 73 micron, 25 micron all mesh bags made from hardened German polyester with incredible tensile strength. The bags come with a lifetime guarantee.INCLUDED with your BUD BUBBLER System:
  • Bud Bubbler Automated Trichome Separator Machine


  • 1 x 5 Gallon Generic Bucket
  • Ice Cubes (amount varies based on amount of plant processing)
  • Water (approx. 8L - 10L of regular tap water per use)
  • ALL-MESH Bubble Bag Extraction Filter Kit
    • 220 Micron Bubble Filter Bag (Cleaner Bag)
    • 73 Micron Bubble Filter Bag (Medium Crystal Catching Bag)
    • 25 Micron Bubble Filter Bag (Extremely Fine Crystal Catching Bag)

Watch this full step-by-step product review of the Bud Bubbler Extraction Kit!*


  1. Place your Bud Bubbler on the kitchen counter or the floor. Place the bucket nearby (ideally in the sink).

  2. Place the included ALL-MESH filter bags into the bucket, starting with finest bag (25 Micron) and ending with the coarsest bag (220 Micron). Whicever bags you use, make sure they are placed in the bucket in ascending order, ie. 25 first, 73 second, 220 last).

  3. Fill the Bud Bubbler basin about 1/3 of the way with block ice.

  4. Put in all of your excess plant matter, trimmings, leaves, and underdeveloped buds into the Bud Bubbler basin. You should be able to fit about a 1/4 pound of vegetation into the basin.

  5. Put in a few more blocks of ice on top and start pouring water into the basin. Fill it with water until there is about 4 inches of space left at the top of the basin. Place the lid on the basin and make sure it is LOCKED.

  6. Set the Bud Bubbler program to "STANDARD" speed and set the timer to run for a 15 minute cycle. The Bud Bubbler will start up and the timer will count down. Sit back and relax! Watch the magic happen.

  7. When the first cycle is completed, examine the contents. To be extra thorough, you may run a second 15 minute cycle.

  8. Lift the Bud Bubbler basin off of the base motor and pour the contents of the basin into the 5 gallon bucket containing the filter bags.

  9. Let the water drain out entirely from each of the bags. Remove the 220 Micron cleaner bag from the bucket - it will only contain exhausted leaf material that can be thrown out or composted.

  10. Remove the second 73 Micron filter bag. Dunk the bag into the water 3 or 4 times to collect all of the the crystals into the bottom-center of the screen. Gently squeeze all of the water out by hand first, then wrap the screen in a piece of paper towel or clean dish towel, and pat gently to avoid mashing crystals into the screen.

  11. Do the same process with the 25 Micron filter bag (if you have multiple other crystal catching bags, then repeat the process for each bag).

  12. Remove the extracted crystals from the bags, and place them in the kitchen sieve and push them through (with a spoon) onto a piece of paper or brown cardboard. This will ensure that the crystals are separated and dry quickly/evenly. Allow 48+ hours for complete drying to avoid mould. Repeat steps 3 through 11 for any additional filter bags that you may have.


  • It is recommended that you repeat the washing process up to 3 times with each new load of plant vegetation.
  • Always ensure that the water in the basin has ice floating in it.
  • Rinse all of the filter bags out with COLD water immediately after use.
  • If you feel that the holes in the screens are becoming clogged, use alcohol (96%) on a piece of cloth to gently clean the screen.

Do all your mixing AUTOMATICALLY with the original BUD BUBBLER! Then, pour the ice/water/trimmings slurry mix into another five gallon bucket that has the mesh filters in it. These ALL MESH bags are guaranteed by far to be faster and more efficient than regular extraction bubble bags:

Bud Bubbler All Mesh Bags

Bud Bubbler All Mesh Bags

Bud Bubbler All Mesh Bags

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