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SEEDFEM Seed Feminization Spray Powder

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With a little help from your friends at, you too can produce Feminized Seeds! With our SeedFem product, making seeds that will produce only female plants, couldn't be easier.

Feminized seeds produce only female plants and when those plants germinate there will be few males among them if they are produced correctly. The threat of accidentally pollinating crops by misidentifying a male is therefore minimized. A male-free crop is only one reason to use all-female seeds, another might be the preservation of a particular characteristic or plant type.

The predominant way to preserve the exact genetics of a plant is by cloning. However, a plant crossed with itself produces seeds that retain its parent's favorable characteristics. Another reason to use this technique is to create a hybrid of two female plants. If a branch of one female is turned "male", there will be pollen to fertilize the other plant and to create seeds when no male is available. Feminized seeds are produced by inducing a normal female, not a hermaphrodite, to grow male flowers with viable pollen. The pollen contains only female, or X, chromosomes because the plant has no Y, or male chromosomes. The progeny will then inherit an X from the male flower's pollen and an X from the egg donor female flower. The resulting seeds can only inherit two X chromosomes, which means that almost all the resulting seeds will be girls!

Feminized seeds are not as mysterious or weird as they might seem. In mature human females, taking male hormones causes masculine changes such as breast shrinkage, muscle bulking, and a lowering in voice pitch. The primary sex organs have already been formed, but they shrink. A similar thing happens when female plants are treated with masculinizing chemicals. The difference is that while a mature human has already formed her sex organs, every time a plant produces a new flower, it is growing a new sex organ. Plants under chemical influence grow viable male flowers, even though the plant is still a female with two X chromosomes, the pollen has only female chromosomes.

Gibberellins are hormones that plants produce to regulate many phases of their growth. Several of the gibberellins induce male flowers when they are sprayed on female plants before they begin flowering. GA3, is the gibberellin most effective at this task. For best results, mix the contents (0.5ml or 0.5g) of the SeedFem vial into 1 Liter of DISTILLED WATER, mix thoroughly; SeedFem must be used carefully. Lower doses result in fewer male flowers while higher amounts have an inhibitory effect. Lightly spray the tops of the plant or intended branch of the plant for five consecutive days and then force the plants to flower by increasing the uninterrupted dark period to 12 hours a day. The sprayed area will stretch a bit, but within two weeks, the first signs of male flowers will appear.

They will be ripe and ready to release pollen in another two weeks.

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Catalog Main > Plant Care Products > SEEDFEM Seed Feminization Spray Powder
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