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Catalog Main > Mushroom Grow Kits > Mushroom Box MINI Growing System

Choose Musroom Box MINI UPGRADES:

3-pack Additional Grow jars (+$9.95 USD)
110 Volt Humidification System (+$19.95 USD)
Digital Pocket Scale - 600g - Save $5.00! (+$19.95 USD)
Automated Timer (+$9.95 USD)
Surge Protector (+$9.95 USD)
Herb/Mushroom Grinder WOOD (+$14.95 USD)
Herb/Mushroom Grinder PLASTIC (+$7.95 USD)
Capsule Filling Machine (+$39.95 USD)
Add 100 Empty "O" Capsules (+$8.95 USD)
Replacement Grow-Light Bulbs (2-PACK) (+$4.95 USD)
ONE ADDITIONAL Pre-Sterilized Super MycoJar (+$8.95 USD)
FOUR ADDITIONAL Pre-Sterilized Super MycoJars (+$34.95 USD)
ONE Pre-Sterilized Equine Horse Dung JAR (+$9.95 USD)
FOUR Pre-Sterilized Equine Horse Dung JARS (+$34.95 USD)
ONE Pre-Sterilized Equine Horse Dung 1 LBS BAG (+$7.95 USD)
ONE Pre-Sterilized Equine Horse Dung 5 LBS BAG (+$18.95 USD)


The Mushroom Box Mini features an electric light heating system! Plug it in and watch it grow!
New Injection Port Technology

Watch this video review of the Mushroom Box Mini Kit:

Amazing value! Similiar kits inlcude LESS and sell for OVER $49.95+

This mini mushroom growing ecosystem is perfect for both beginners and experts in the fascinating world of mycology. This is a great system for kids to learn about the world of fungi! Perfect if you don't have a lot of space to grow mushrooms!

Just Plug It In & Watch Your Mushrooms Grow!

Quality speaks with growth rates and volumes - the Mushroom Box MINI is second to none. Beware of imitators and those trying to copy our substrate formulas and product design!

Grow mushrooms from home for the first time!

The Mushroom Box MINI features fully automated plug in lighting system, THREE pre-sterilized specially formulated filtered mushroom jars, hydroton (to provide a stable humid environment on which to grow the mushroom cakes that will be produced from the mushroom jars).

The Mushroom Box MINI is capable of growing mushrooms using the traditional cakes method and many other Teks.

The Mushroom Box MINI comes with:

Transparent Grow Chamber w/ Built-in Grow Light Attachment

This acrylic grow chamber with grow-light will incubate, grow, and dry your mushrooms! Plu it in and watch every stage of your mushroom's' growth process in awe!
Mini MycoJar Grow Jars (THREE)

The package includes three ALREADY-PREPARED AND PASTEURIZED, scientifically formulated mini MycoJar Grow Jars, ready to go!
Hydroton Growth Medium

Also known as "L.E.C.A." (Light Expandable Clay Aggregate), Hydroton is simply one of the best grow mediums on the market. It is clean, pH neutral, pH stable and perfect for mushroom humidity retention.
Instructional DVD

This instructional DVD will demonstrate step-by-step how to incubate, birth, fruit, and dry your mushrooms!
FREE Oyster Mushroom Syringe!

The Oyster mushroom, or Pleurotus ostreatus, is a common mushroom prized for its edibility and lack of confusing look-alikes.

The name refers to the shape of the fruiting body. The latin pleurotus (sideways) refers to the sideways-growth of the stem with respect to the cap while the latin ostreatus (and the English common name, oyster) refers to the shape of the cap which resembles the bi-valve of the same name.

PLEASE NOTE: The Mushroom Box MINI you receive might differ in color than the unit shown in the ad.

We recommend you grow most types of edible mushrooms including Shitake, Morel, Garden Giant & virtually any edible or gourmet variety!





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Catalog Main > Mushroom Grow Kits > Mushroom Box MINI Growing System
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