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Dried Shiitake Mushroom Pieces Shiitake

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1 oz Dried Shiitake Pieces
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High potency pieces available! Shiitake mushrooms are also known as the Chinese black mushroom and the black forest mushroom.

Dried shiitake mushrooms have a wonderful smoky flavor and a meaty texture. They are one of the most culinarily versatile

mushrooms for their economical price. Shiitake mushrooms are the best all around dried mushrooms for a novice coinsure of

exotic mushrooms. We only sell high quality whole shiitake mushroom caps.

How to Cook Dried Shiitake Mushrooms: Recipes & Cooking Hints

Reconstituting: Dried Shiitake mushrooms can be reconstituted by steeping them in warm water/broth for about 30 minutes or by added them to a simmering liquid 10-15 minutes before serving. The flavorful soaking liquid can then be strained for addition to soups and sauces.

Preparation: The texture and flavor of the fleshy shiitake mushroom cap is wonderful, although it's stem is quite fibrous and should be removed before cooking. The stem is commonly discard, but can be finally mincing before use, or simmered to make a flavorful and aromatic mushroom stock.

Sauteed: Lightly saute well soaked but padded dry mushrooms (and possibly shallots) in butter until tender, or for approximately 6 minutes. Serve warm as a side dish to meats such as a nice steak.

Sauce: follow the instructions above and deglaze pan with the shiitake soaking liquid and/or white wine . Reduce liquid, add heavy cream and simmer until desired thickness is reached. Serve over all kinds of beef, venison, and pasta.

Dried shiitake mushrooms are a prized in oriental cooking where they can be added to anything from savory soups to spicy stir fries. The Japanese prize this delicious and nutritious mushroom more than any other culture. In Japan, shiitake are the most commonly eaten mushroom and the dried mushrooms are preferred by many in Japanese culture. The dried shiitake's flavor is so intense because one whole pound of fresh mushrooms has it's flavors condensed down to just 3 ounces of high quality dried shiitake mushrooms.

Shiitake are not only a delicious addition to just about any recipe, they are also a healthy one. These mushrooms are not only a source of high quality protein because they contain all essential amino acids, but shiitake also are a good source of minerals and vitamins. Having high fiber and few calories makes these mushrooms a close to perfect food! All these dietary attributes are part of the reason the shiitake mushrooms has long been a symbol of longevity in China. In fact, a growing body of evidence show that the health benefits of eating shiitake do not end at the mushroom's nutritional benefits.

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Catalog Main > Spores & Cultures > Dried Shiitake Mushroom Pieces
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