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Equine Horse Dung
Mushrooms require a special kind of natural compost in order to thrive. By far the most common organic substrate is the manure compost manufactured from horse dung, wheat-straw and added organic chemicals to provide the optimal growing medium. Our pasteurized horse dung is quite possibly the PERFECT mushroom-growing substrate. Our natural horse dung compost is perfectly aged and is ODORLESS. There is no leeching required, it ships READY TO USE!

5 lbs Filter Bag Inoculation Jar 1 lbs Filter Bag
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Pasteurized / Pre-Sterilized
Unpasteurized (-$3.00 USD)

1 lb Bag
5 lbs Bag (+$15.00 USD)
Inoculation Jar (+$1.00 USD)

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Price:   $8.95 USD

Our enriched horse dung substrate is manufactured by piling specific mushroom-loving materials together and allowing them to naturally decompose. During the decomposition process, the horse dung mixture generates its own heat up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and killing any insects, larva and molds growing in the medium. As it heats up, the combined straw breaks into short pieces and the manure crumbles. The mixture then loses its smell and takes on the odor characteristic of the woodland brush.

Horse Substrate Figure 1 Horse Substrate Figure 2
Horse Substrate Figure 3 Horse Substrate Figure 4
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