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Catalog Main > Hydroponics Systems > Tri-Black Magic 3-Plant Hydroponic System

The Tri-Black Magic Hydroponic System
Your plants will fruit inside of a month!
Take a look inside!

Add These Optional Features:

Sun-Stream-2 Lighting System (+$29.95 USD)
pH Control kit (+$11.95 USD)
Power Strip (+$9.95 USD)
Herb Grinder WOOD (+$14.95 USD)
Herb Grinder PLASTIC (+$7.95 USD)

Price: $59.95 USD

Choose Quantity:


Tri-Black Magic Hydroponic Reservoir
Highly efficient basin design allows for maximal hydroponic plant growth for larger than average plants.

Three 4" Net Pots
Strong and flexible net pots for repeated use in the Hydroponic Basin.

Water Pump with Feed Tubing
Powerful and durable water pump ensures rapid circulation of the specialized nutrient solution.

Air Pump with Bubble Stone & Tubing
A high-efficiency, durable air pump feeds air to the nutrient solution via the air stone, infusing the solution with tiny life giving bubbles, which get fed directly to the root zone.

Grodan Rockwool Cubes
Rockwool cubes are the ideal medium for starting seedlings or cuttings.

Hydroton Grow Rocks
Simply one of the best grow mediums on the market. It is clean, pH neutral, pH stable and perfect for our systems.

6-Month Supply of Specialized Nutrients
Six month supply of specially formulated nutrient powders (concentrated). Simply fill the reservoir to the indicated line with water, and add the required nutrient feeding packet.

Basic pH Testing System
As plants grow they extract nutrients from the reservoir, in doing so, raise the potential hydrogen (pH) of the solution. This is particularly pronounced with large plants. Use the University Scientific pH Contol Kit to manage pH levels.

Basil Seed Pack (Edible Herbs)
The Tri-Black Magic is now shipping with Basil seeds. See the "additional options" to order different types of seeds.

Instructional Manual & Grow Guide
Think we'd leave you hanging with all of this equipment? No way, we're going to make it as easy as humanly possible to help you through this experience; after all we want you telling your friends how well our systems work. In the manual we'll walk you through each growth phase; how and when to apply the nutrient packs. Explain how the lights work and how to set them up to maximize their potential. We'll let you in on some of our green thumb tricks and give you a head start with our years of experience.

3-way Adapter Extension Cord
We provide you with a multi-adapter extension cord, one outlet for the lights and the others for the bubbler and pump. You're gonna need 'em, so we threw it in to make it as easy as possible.

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Catalog Main > Hydroponics Systems > Tri-Black Magic 3-Plant Hydroponic System
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