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Catalog Main > Mushroom Grow Kits > MycoGarden 3-IN-1 Mushroom Growing System

Do not be fooled by overpriced imitations!
The MycoGarden is the world's first mushroom kit that allows you to INCUBATE, BIRTH, FRUIT, and DRY your mushrooms in a single compact and easy-to-use modular device.

This 3-IN-1 mushroom growing ecosystem is perfect for both beginners and experts in the fascinating world of mycology. This is a great system for kids to learn about the world of fungi!
Only $99.95

Choose MycoGarden UPGRADES:

110 Volt Humidification System (+$19.95 USD)
Digital Pocket Scale - 600g - Save $5.00! (+$19.95 USD)
Automated Timer (+$9.95 USD)
Surge Protector (+$9.95 USD)
Herb/Mushroom Grinder PLASTIC (+$7.95 USD)
Capsule Filling Machine (+$39.95 USD)
Add 100 Empty "O" Capsules (+$8.95 USD)
ONE ADDITIONAL Pre-Sterilized Super MycoJar (+$8.95 USD)
FOUR ADDITIONAL Pre-Sterilized Super MycoJars (+$34.95 USD)
ONE Pre-Sterilized Equine Horse Dung JAR (+$9.95 USD)
FOUR Pre-Sterilized Equine Horse Dung JARS (+$34.95 USD)
ONE Pre-Sterilized Equine Horse Dung 1 LBS BAG (+$7.95 USD)
ONE Pre-Sterilized Equine Horse Dung 5 LBS BAG (+$18.95 USD)

Choose Quantity:  Price: $124.95 USD Add To Wishlist

The MycoGarden features fully automated automatic humidity and air filter controls and a computer calibrated magic heating system. Adujustable from 65 to 92 degrees Farenheit with only the turn of a knob. It's accurate to within ONE DEGREE! Simply dial in the EXACT temperature that your mushroom strain loves!
New Injection Port Technology University Scientific Corporation MycoGarden Testimonials!

The MycoGarden includes:

Two 3.5 Gallon Chambers
These male/female chambers will incubate, grow, and dry your mushrooms! Also included is a 12" Fruiting and Casing Tray that fit snugly inside.
Heatmolded Dome w/ Hinged Connector
This specially molded transparent dome for the MycoGarden provides the perfect humidity-controlled environment for your mushrooms while you watch them grow! If you live in any extreme geographical environments like a desert region or intend on growing in a cold dry winter envrionment, you'll want our "X-TREME ENVIRONMENT Humidifer/Air Exchanger Deal" add on.
Low Voltage Air Pump
The package includes a high efficiency low-voltage Air Pump with the patented QUIET-TECH system.
Digital Temperature Gauge w/ Probe
The digital temperature gauge with three foot wired remote temperature probe allows you to precisely monitor the ecosystem's environment.
Hydro Air Stone w/ Air Line
The air stone arrangement provides clean, fresh air to your simulated environment.
Check Valve Filter System
The check valve system was designed to protect your airpump from reverse-syphon action.
MycoJar Grow Jars
The package includes three ALREADY-PREPARED AND PASTEURIZED, scientifically formulated MycoJar Grow Jars, ready to go!
2 Liters of Hydroton
Also known as "L.E.C.A." (Light Expandable Clay Aggregate), Hydroton is simply one of the best grow mediums on the market. It is clean, pH neutral, pH stable and perfect for mushroom humidity retention.
Incubation Lid
This lid is to be placed on the chambers during the Incubation period.
1 Liter of Easy Casing Mix: "P" Formula
A specially formulated casing mix that follows the unique University Scientific custom formulation for optimal fungal growth.
1 Liter of Easy Casing Mix: "E" Formula
Another specially formulated casing mix for another step in the growing process.
1 Gallon of Quick Dry
A special powdered compound that absorbs any moisture in its surroundings - allowing you to dry your mushrooms FAST!
6 Foot Extension Cord
We provide you with a multi-adapter extension cord optimized for the MycoGarden's use.

The MycoGarden is capable of growing mushrooms using the traditional cakes method and many other Teks.


After you inoculate your MycoJars with the spores of your choice, the optimal incubation environment is very important for fast mycelium growth. The MycoGarden makes it extremely easy to create the perfect environment for this early stage of mushroom cultivation.


This is the fun part, where you actually get to see your mushrooms growing every day! The transparent dome enclosure makes it fun to learn about mycology as you watch your mushrooms fruit in real time. Grow from home easily with the MycoGarden.


Finally you get to pick your fruits and enjoy the mushrooms that you grew with the MycoGarden! Drying is a very important and often overlooked factor in maintaining the flavor and quality of all types of mushrooms. The MycoGarden is the ONLY 3 in 1 system.

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Rated: Rated: 5/5
Just got my hands on my mycogarden today! :D inoc. jars are in the incubator lets see what happens.
Just Ordered my System
Rated: Rated: 5/5
Well, having just ordered my system and a few added goodies I will soon see if all those engineering classes were worth the money i paid in tuition. I sure hope this system is better at producing a zealous mycilium in this substrate, compared to the old 1980's methode of contaminating everything...I will report!
Rated: Rated: 3/5
good system
This Kit is great
Rated: Rated: 5/5
Received my kit today. It was very simple to put together and the instructional DVD answered all my questions. I can wait to see my first harvest. University Scientific won my business.
One awsome system
Rated: Rated: 5/5
This growing system is so easy to use we grew mushrooms the first try. now that I fully understand how this works I ordered another one! I rate it a 10 !
Mycogarden 3-IN-1
Rated: Rated: 5/5
The Mycogarden 3-IN-1 is as easy to use as one two three! This product is worth its price tag of $99.99 & then some!!!
Rated: Rated: 5/5
Not sure about it yet but I think I'll get a hang of it, so far so good!
Just got mine...
Rated: Rated: 5/5
Just got mine in the mail... everything seems to be in order... I will come back and report how good it works.
Rated: Rated: 4/5
Great if you're looking for value.
Rated: Rated: 5/5
I actually bought this unit from the ebay site and have it say you do get a lot of stuff in the package. I paid double for another kit from another site for basically the same setup. Been about 4 months and already got way more then my money's worth. P.s. the new site rocks.
thise is a good system
Rated: Rated: 5/5
this is a good system 4 the money. i had to be careful setting it up but it works well jus follow the instructions to a tee and u shud be ok.
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Catalog Main > Mushroom Grow Kits > MycoGarden 3-IN-1 Mushroom Growing System
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