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Mushroom Grow Bag Morchella Kit

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The Mushroom Grow Bag(TM) is a completely self contained environment for the incubation and fruiting of grain loving mushrooms. Includes Morchella (Phoenix Oyster) spore syringe.

The bag is shipped with all air removed for easy packing and bags should arrive in better condition.

Each Bag includes a pre-sterilized mixture of substrate material specially designed for grain loving mushrooms. The bags measure 4" wide, 3" deep, and 18" tall.

Directions for use:

Upon arrival, inspect your bag for punctures or tears, if any are noticeable, contact us to arrange for a replacement to be shipped. Unfold the bag, allowing the extra bag material to stand straight up as pictured in Figure 1.

Sterilize a small section of the outside of the bag with an alcohol soaked wipe. With the same alcohol soaked wipe, sterilize the needle on your spore syringe.

Inoculate the substrate with spore syringe solution by inserting the needle through the plastic at the previously sterilized spot. Fully insert the needle at an angle as pictured in Figure 2. Squirt 1.5cc's of spore solution directly into the substrate material . Remove the needle and reinsert through the injector site at the opposite angle. Again inject 1.5cc of culture solution directly into the substrate material. Inoculating twice, at opposing angles, towards the sides of the bag is recommended for faster colonization and even inoculant distribution. Place a piece of scotch tape over the syringe hole(s).

Place the Mushroom Grow Bag in a dark location and incubate at species specific parameters. It is recommended to store the Mushroom Grow Bag fully extended as pictured in Figure 1 as developing Mycelia will give off gases that will slowly expand the interior of the bag. This ballooning effect is crucial for proper air exchange and culture development.

Note: During drier summer months it is advisable to store Mushroom Grow Bags(TM) in a humid location. Excessively dry environments may draw moisture from the bags.

Because germination and colonization will begin in the interior of the substrate material it may between 14-20 days for you to notice the spreading of colonizing mycelium towards the outside of the bag. Speed of germination and colonization is directly affected by incubation temperatures, please check to make sure you are incubating the bag at the correct temperature for the species you are attempting to cultivate. Typical colonization time is 21-30 days for most species and strains.

When colonization is 90% or 100% complete, move bag to a location with indirect light (indoor light or filtered sunlight is best). Allow the bags to receive 12 hours of indirect light per day (direct fluorescent lighting works as well).

The bag is never opened until harvest!

To harvest, open at top and reach down the length of the bag to crop. After cropping is complete, spray a light mist of distilled water down the insides of the bag. Fold the top of the bag down over itself and hold closed with a cloths pin, 'chip saver,' or similar clip. Closing and misting in this manner can help increase the possibility of up to 3-4 flushes.

Some specimens, such as the Golden Oyster, perform better if the colonized bag is punctured several times on the side at substrate level. Only puncture the bag after 100% colonization is achieved (ie the entire bag is white with healthy mycelium). This allows the Oyster mushrooms pins to form in a more suitable environment (see Figure 4). Placing a makeshift humidity tent over the bag while the Oysters are fruiting is highly recommended.

Tested and proven, this all you need to begin your journey in the art and science of mushroom cultivation.

The pictures at right display the typical development of grain loving mushrooms in the Mushroom Grow Bag (TM).

Figure 1 is the bag pictured before spore or culture inoculation. Figure 2 illustrates spore or culture syringe inoculation of the bag. Figure 4 is a side view of a colonized and fruiting bag. Figure 5 shows a shows a closeup of the Golden Oyster (Pl. cirtin.) fruiting from the bag.

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Catalog Main > Mushroom Grow Kits > Mushroom Grow Bag Morchella Kit
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