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Spores mushroom spores grow morels psilocybes microscopy Find easy to use mushroom growing kits
and supplies for growing your favorite edible mushroom strains! Compatible with any mushroom syringes or spore prints.

HydroShroom Mushroom Growing Kit
University Scientific MycoGarden

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Bud Bubbler Hash Extractor

New Horse Dung Substrate!

Digital Pocket Scales!

Welcome to! We are the leading USA supplier of automated mushroom cultivation kits for use in mycological study, research, and culinary applications. We also stock premium edible and gourmet spore varieties. University Scientific Corporation has set industry benchmarks in areas of spore concentration ratios, purity, and sterility. With funding from major post secondary institutions, we have been able to build one of the most sophisticated spore processing labs in the USA. Our mission is to provide accessible, automated mushroom cultivation solutions to both professional researchers and hobbyists.

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED, it's EASY! The Jars are shipped ready to use!
Super MycoJar with Filter Breather KITS! Price as low as $11.65 ea!

Inexpensive Home Hydroponic Solutions!
Grow mega plants at home with plug & play kits!

University Scientific Mushroom Box Mini!

Watch this video review of the Mushroom Box Mini Kit:

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