Customer Testimonials
TESTIMONIAL FROM USER: MushMan on October 9th, 2006 @ 7:42 PM E.S.T.

Dear University Scientific,

I LOVE your MycoGarden!  Thought I’d take a few snapshots and show you how well my experiment went…Maybe you can put this on your site or and possibly use it in a tek?

Anyways, I started off with four of your MycoJar’s, inoculated them with my favourite mushroom spore strain and waited about 20 days.

Then after the MycoJars had been fully colonized by the juicy and beautiful white mycelium, it was time to get down to business! I setup my new MycoGarden under a light stand with a compact fluorescent 15 Watt bulb in it, so that the light would help to induce fruiting.

I noticed that nothing was happening, NO FRUITING! So, I found out that I should "Cold Shock" and "Dunk" the mycelium cakes, I found out this information from the DVD that came with the MycoGarden. Okay, so now we were cooking with gas! My babies started to pop! Also, I noticed that I needed more humidity in my MycoGarden, so I quickly ordered and received (thanks guys!) a Humidity and Air Exchanger from, this really helped the mushrooms and cakes stay nice and moist, a MUST HAVE SYSTEM if you ask me.

I'm happy to say that your MycoGarden is truly AMAZING! I've been harvesting fresh mushies EVERY FEW DAYS because of your system. My friends and I like to eat a LOT of pizzas with EXTRA mushrooms!

The flushes just keep coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you might already have noticed, I purchased SIX MORE of your MycoGarden's, because they WORK GREAT! Keep up the fantastic work guys and feel free to use this web blog in any of your advertising or publications. Sincerely and thank you so very much,

Dr. Errol R. Sommerville